Das hatten sich THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN ganz anders vorgestellt: Im Zuge ihrer Abschiedsfestlichkeiten - schließlich soll ihr aktuelles Werk "Dissociation" das letzte Album der Band sein - ist der Tourbus der Band in Polen in einen schweren Verkehrsunfall verwickelt worden. Angeblich soll der Bus gestanden haben, als ein Lkw in ihn krachte und ein entsprechendes Feld der Verwüstung hinterließ, was die von der Band veröffentlichten Fotos zumindest erahnen ließen.
Über den genauen Gesundheitszustand der Beteiligten ist nicht viel bekannt, die Bandmitglieder selbst sollen aber nach Routineuntersuchungen soweit wohlauf sein. Was den Rest der Crew und den bzw. die Insassen des Lkws angeht, darüber kann nach den folgenden Worten der Band nur spekuliert werden:

ZitatBy now I'm sure many of you have already heard the news, but we wanted to communicate to you all directly. Not just to express the fact that nobody is in critical condition, but to express our gratitude to the fans who have seen us or who were going to see us on this tour, the crew who was also in the accident with us and part of why things have been going so smoothly, the various promoters and venue staff, Live Nation Poland who have been so helpful in the last 38 hours, the many police and medics and emergency workers who came to the scene, the hospital workers, and the friends and family who have reached out to us personally since yesterday morning.
We were in the middle of playing some of our favorite shows we've ever played, and having a better time on and off stage than we have in a long time.
We were ripped out of sleep at 8:25AM to what still feels like a lucid nightmare. The cacophony of metal bending and things breaking and people screaming and what felt like being hit by a missile. Without going into detail, not everyone is out of the hospital yet, and some of us are hurt worse than others.
Questions like why did this happen, why are we alive and others not, why are the people from the Bay Area fire dead, why at all is anyone here or not. What the hell is all of this. Remember how valuable life is. We are all lucky to be alive. To just have any time at all.
Anyway, thanks to you all for caring. We were truly having an amazing time and we're blessed to have you all, such a high caliber group of people. It's been an honor to play these shows, but we unfortunately have to cancel the remainder of them. We will reschedule every one that we can, and we'll update more when we can. - Greg, Ben, Liam, Billy, Kevin
Edit: There is no band gofundme account. Anything you may see comes from fan good will, not something we can control. We appreciate peoples' good will and intentions, and genuinely love that some of you truly care about us, but there is no gofundme that we have launched of our own accord. There are a lot of people that need charity in this world, this juvenile time in our species' existence is heartbreakingly still an externally grossly unfair and imbalanced place for all human beings with equally inherent worth to be born into. We are some of the fortunate ones for sure. But we cannot control what you initiate, and are appreciative, even while ridden with existential guilt.

Den Rest der Europatour hat die Band folgerichtig abgesagt, in unserem Einzugsgebiet sind die Gigs am 20.02. in München sowie am 03. und 04.03. in Wiesbaden bzw. Köln betroffen.

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