Skarhead - Dreams Don't Die

Skarhead - Dreams Don't Die
erschienen am 29.07.2011 bei I Scream Records


1. The Hard Way (Outburst Cover Feat. Scott Vogel)
2. Back Track (Killing Time Cover Feat. Mad Joe)
3. As One (Warzone Cover)
4. True Blue (Underdog Cover Feat. Jimmy Williams & Stresst "The White Boy)
5. Pete's Sake (Sick Of It All Cover Feat. Bundy Blunts)
6. Malfunction (Cro-Mags Cover Feat. Eddie Sutton)
7. Sit Home And Rot (Murphy's Law Cover Feat. Stresst "The White Boy)
8. United Forces (S.O.D. Cover Feat. Adlib)
9. Stand For (Leeway Cover Feat. Eye-Ra-Haze)
10. Cup O' Joe (Sheer Terror Cover)
11. Break Down The Walls (Youth Of Today Cover Feat. Ivan Murillo)
12. Soulcraft (Bad Brains Cover Feat. Eddie Sutton)
13. With Time (Agnostic Front Cover)
14. When You Were Mine (Prince Cover Feat. Paul Bearer)