Pandemonium - Insomnia

Pandemonium - Insomnia
Death Metal
erschienen in 2002 bei JCM Records
dauert 40:33 min


1. The Hollow Grounds
2. Descending Shadows
3. Insomnia
4. Midnight Phobia
5. Traces of a Midwinter Drama
6. Nightlike Silence
7. Morninglight Revery

Die Bloodchamber meint:

First of all I have to thank JCM Records for sending me an exemplar of the new Pandemonium CD which is called Insomnia. Pandemonium is a band from Sweden and to describe the style they play can be very difficult. Before I get this CD I had the possibilty to listen to one of the tracks of this album and I was really surprised. I can not really name any other Melodic Death Metal band you can compare with Pandemonium. As I hold the full CD in my hands and put it into the player my expectations were not dissapointed. Pandemonium used a lot of Keyboards on this album which have major influences to the music. All tracks sound very melodic, especially "Midnight Phobia". In my opinion it is the slowest and most emotional track on the album. In contrast of this the vocals are very deep so that the music sounds a bit like old Amorphis. On the other hand it is worth mentioning that also clean vocals were used. Pandemonium have the ability to create wonderful songs with a deep atmosphere mixed with a more or less dark sound. Tracks I can recommend are "The Hollow Grounds", "Descending Shadows" and "Midnight Phobia". At least there can be said that this album is a piece of music that every fan of Melodic Death Metal should have in his collection. You can get it directly over